Here, at Greater Pentecostal Temple, we have a multiplicity of active auxiliaries and committees that are a vital part of the vision God has given us to “Take The City!” Our desire is to equip the body of Christ so that we can impact our community, our nation and eventually the world.

Altar Workers
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Judson Davis

Anniversary/Pastoral Committee
Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Angela Estis
Work on Church and Pastoral Anniversary. Pastor’s Birthday Celebrations.

Audio Visual
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Albert Smith, Auxiliary Leader: Lester Wallace

The Audio/Visual Ministry is a vital part of the church experience. We are responsible for ensuring that the Word of God can be heard clearly by everyone. We work in conjunction with the Praise and Worship Team, choirs, musicians and the pulpit. We are also responsible for the audio and visual taping of every worship service and the sale of all messages after each service.

Bereavement Committee
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Judson Davis, Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Karen Tyieska-Stokes

Help when families suffer losses and serve meals and help with family needs.

Children / Youth Department
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Mrshall Rush, Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Nyeshia Williams

The mission of the Children / Youth Ministry is to establish a foundation for building Christian character, morals, values and behaviors in young people ages 5 to 18; by using creative and innovative methods to excite, inspire, capture and ignite young people for Jesus. Our goal is to enable young people to understand and recognize who Jesus is and what it is to live for Him only.

Christian Education Department
Pastoral Advisor: Bishop Marvin E. Donaldson, Th.D., Auxiliary Leader: Dr.
Yvette Robinson

The purpose of the Christian Education Department is to promote Christian Education and effect spiritual, numerical and financial growth that we might carry out the divine commission. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations.”

Drama Guild
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Tommie Hughes, Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Veronica Thomas

The Drama Guild uses highly anointed theatrical performances to bring forth the Word of God, reaching men, women and children of all races, ethnicities and religions.

Healthcare Professionals
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Hargett Hayes, Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Gina Taylor

The mission of the Healthcare Professionals is to serve the basic needs of the Pastor with the effort to allow the spirit of God to move freely through and to His people. To also assist the primary needs of the church elders and congregation.

Pastoral Advisor: Elder Kevin Graham, Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Sharon Alexander-Hill

Hospitality is one that is founded on the happiness and well being of everyone in the church, with our main focus on our guests and visitors. We want to make sure that as soon as they come through the threshold of the church; they feel all the love of not only Greater Pentecostal Temple, but of Jesus Christ Himself.

Web Design
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Tommie Hughes, Webmaster: Sis. Karen Cunningham

The purpose of the web department is to maintain a portal where people can access a wealth of knowledge regarding the Greater Pentecostal Temple church.

IT & Networking
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Tommie Hughes, Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Karen Cunningham

The purpose of the IT department is to set up and maintain computer networking systems within the church, as well as various equipment purchases.

Pastoral Advisor: Bishop Marvin E. Donaldson, Th.D., Auxiliary Leader: Bro. Darryl “Woody” Evans
The Men on post provide security to our Pastors, guest speakers, and the congregation as a whole. Not only are they to ensure the safety of everyone within the church building, but also ensures the safety of the grounds and assist with parking.

Sunday School Department
Pastoral Advisor: Bishop Marvin E. Donaldson, Th.D., Auxiliary Leader: Dr. Yvette Robinson

The mission of Sunday Morning Bible Study is to develop and make available to members and non-members of the church, ages 2 through adults, a program of systematic study of the Word of God. (SMBS) offers a full complement of classes beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Classes follow a traditional, international curriculum that represents a systematic study of the Bible.

Pastoral Advisor: Bishop Marvin E. Donaldson, Th.D., Auxiliary Leader: Sis. JoEtta Johnson

Our mission is to greet visitors with love and expressions of gratitude by acknowledging their presence, identifying those who are seeking a new beginning, and extending an invitation of fellowship with God’s family. Ultimately, it is our mission to make our visitors feel welcome during their last few minutes of their first visit at the Temple.

Usher Board
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Marshall Rush, Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Marcy Pledger

By the grace and understanding of God, our ministry is to be a doorkeeper and to receive guests with a warm smile. Our primary purpose is to maintain an orderly flow during each service.

Human Resources
Auxiliary Leader: Sis. Snell

To oversee all fund raising activities of the church. These fundraisers supplement the pledge drive, offerings and other contributions received by the church. This helps the church to meet our annual budget as well as promote and build our sense of community.