Here, at Greater Pentecostal Temple, we have a multiplicity of active ministries that are a vital part of the vision God has given us to “Take The City!” Our desire is to equip the body of Christ so that we can impact our community, our nation and eventually the world.

Counseling Ministry
Ministry Leader: Elder El Marie Mitchell

To provide individual and/or group counseling using biblical principles to help initiate change. The Greater Pentecostal Temple Counseling Ministry has been put in place to aide Bishop Donaldson and Elder Davis with individual counseling needs.

Dance Ministry
Director: Sis. Katie Anthony

The mission of the Greater Pentecostal Temple Dance Ministry is to usher in the Holy Spirit through dance before the coming of God’s Word. To encourage the Saints of God. To be active in the local community outreach. To function as mentors, encourage spiritual growth and personal development in God.

Follow-up Ministry
Ministry Leader: TBA

To extend love to other saints and encourage them in their Christian walk.

Life Outreach & Prison Ministry
Ministry Leader: Evangelist Diana Clemons

The Life Outreach and Prison Ministry is to proclaim the love and message of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated through worship, Bible Study, and prayer.

Men’s Ministry
Pastoral Advisor: TBA; Ministry Leader: Min. Dwyane Jimmerson

The general purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to fellowship the bond of the common purpose and devotion that binds Christian men together to Christ Jesus, our Savior, our God, our Heavenly Father. So God created man in his own image (Gen. 1:26). It’s all about the Brethren, the Brotherhood in Christ. Who are the Brethren? (Luke 8:21). The Brethren are those who hear the word of God and do it.

Music Ministry
Pastoral Advisor: Elder Michael Randle; Minister of Music: Sister Tommie White

The music ministry is a vital part of our worship service to usher in the presence of the Lord. We have the GPT Sanctuary Choir, the Musicians and the Praise & Worship Team that allow His Spirit to flow through them.

Women’s Ministry
Ministry Leader: Elder El Marie Mitchell
The Women’s Ministry of Greater Pentecostal Temple provides a means of support, positive association, and strength; emotionally and spiritually. Our regular events are designed to promote relationship among the sisterhood within our church and in the community. It is our goal to focus on empowering the whole woman; body, soul and spirit. Our vision for the women’s ministry is to assist in developing and implementing training programs that will spiritually uplift, develop, and edify women of all ages within the church and community.

Young Adult Ministry – God’s Blue Print
Ministry Leader: TBA
The purpose of the Young Adult Ministry  of Greater Pentecostal Temple is to empower our young adults to be a better them, to create a sense of purpose with in them, to stir up the gifts that’s inside of them, and help produce the power that’s at work with in them.
-Philippians 4:13, Jeremiah 29:11, 2 Timothy 1:6-7, Acts 1:8